Pastoral Relations

Chairperson: Rev. Michael Goodfellow

The Pastoral Relations Committee deals with the relationship of ministry personnel to their pastoral charges, and, when there is a request for a change in a pastoral relationship, works with the pastoral charge as it evaluates its needs and seeks new ministry personnel.

The Pastoral Relations Committee’s principal tasks are:

  • to be available for consultation with pastoral charges, through their Ministry and Personnel Committees
  • to ensure that a pastoral charge receives adequate ministry between the time of a request for a change in pastoral relationship and establishment of a new relationship
  • to appoint two members of Presbytery (one Order of Ministry and one lay) to the Joint Needs Assessment Committee of a pastoral charge; one will convene the first meeting of the committee, and both will act as advisors to the committee, and when ready, one will preside at a meeting of the pastoral charge when the Joint Needs Assessment Report is presented
  • to receive and review Joint Needs Assessment Reports from pastoral charges, and when deemed appropriate, recommend to Presbytery acceptance of such reports and their recommendations to apply for settlement, to seek a minister by call, or to take any other action
  • to preside at meetings of pastoral charges at which Joint Search Committees are constituted
  • to appoint two Presbytery members to the Joint Search Committee of a pastoral charge, as in the case of a Joint Needs Assessment Committee (see above)
  • to name a member to chair a pastoral-charge meeting at which a minister is to be called or appointed
  • to recommend to Presbytery appointment of Supervisors of pastoral charges as necessary
  • to recommend to Presbytery any action required with respect to pastoral relationships.

The Pastoral Relations Committee is a busy one. It usually meets on the third Thursday of each month from Noon to 2:00 pm at Forest Hill United Church and at 3:00 pm on Presbytery meeting days. If additional meetings are needed, they will be called by the Chairpersons at suitable times.

A considerable time commitment is required of committee members. They also must be willing to travel to pastoral charges to work on joint committees and sometimes to convene or chair meetings.

The work of the Pastoral Relations Committee is gratifying, and it is exciting to engage with pastoral charges as they determine their needs and seek new pastoral relationships.