Pastoral Care & Support

Chairperson (Acting): Rev. Rose-Hannah Gaskin

A standing committee on Oversight of Pastoral Charges is the only one specifically required (other required activities detailed in the Manual may be distributed among other committees).

In Woolastook Presbytery, the name given to the committee that fulfills this oversight role is the Pastoral Care and Support Committee. This name reflects the Presbytery’s understanding of its mandate – to care for and provide support (not monetary support) for the functioning of pastoral charges and ministry units within its boundaries.

The Pastoral Care and Support Committee’s principal tasks are:

  • to annually request and review Annual Reports from each Pastoral Charge
  • to conduct triennial visits to each Pastoral Charge and United Church-operated camp in the Presbytery to offer support, encouragement and counsel, using guidelines provided, and review written reports of such visits, follow-up on points of concern or celebration, as appropriate, and report findings to Presbytery
  • to deal with pastoral conflict situations
  • to be involved with any amalgamation, disbanding, or realigning of congregations or pastoral charges as soon as such become anticipated or considered.

The Pastoral Care and Support Committee usually meets earlier in the day of a Presbytery meeting when such is held in the Fredericton area, and in the hour before Presbytery when a Presbytery meeting is held away from Fredericton.

All committee members are expected to visit pastoral charges. Visits usually involve two people: one ministry personnel and one lay representative.