Christian Life & Growth

Chairperson: Elaine White

The Christian Life and Growth Committee has several responsibilities, the main ones being concern for Christian Development for persons of all ages, Christian camping, particularly at the Presbytery’s Camp Woolastook, United Church Women (UCW) and United Church Men (UCM), and arranging for Covenant Services held within the Presbytery.

The Christian Life and Growth Committee’s principal tasks are:

  • to provide information on curricula for Sunday schools and youth programs
  • to offer workshops or promote events for nurture, education and growth of various age groups or groups of office-bearers (e.g., elders)
  • to deal with the application process for Youth Forum, Youth at General Council, Intermediates and Children at Conference, and arrange for feedback to Presbytery from attendees at such events
  • to have a representative on the Board of Camp Woolastook, and have the Camp’s operating funds within the committee’s budget
  • to have a representative from the Presbytery UCW on the committee
  • to plan, with those directly involved, Covenanting Services in Pastoral Charges for new pastoral relationships, and Covenanting Services at Presbytery meetings for yearly appointments to Pastoral Charges or other Presbytery ministries.

The Christian Life and Growth Committee usually meets before each Presbytery meeting. Some of the activities are subdivided regionally within the Presbytery.