Newsletter October 31, 2017


October 31, 2017

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From Merle Blake:

  1. A reminder that November 4th is the cut-off date to send your comments on the Boundaries Commission letter, which was sent out to all Presbyters from the secretary on October 19th. Please forward comments to Merle at
  1. A covenanting service between Woolastook Presbytery, St. Paul’s UC and Rev. Michelle Armstrong will be held at St. Paul’s UC, Fredericton, on Sunday, November 12. at 2:30pm.

The covenanting service is a meeting of Presbytery, and attendance of all Presbyters will be recorded..

  1. In September, General Council sent information regarding policy changes and implementation which affect all Ministry Personnel.

These changes affect the following:

  1. Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response Policy
  2. The Police Records Check Policy
  3. Workplace Violence and Harassment Policy

(a) A poster to inform every pastoral charge about this policy and to start conversations about healthy relationships is coming out in Infopac this fall.

General questions about the policy changes can be directed to your Conference Personnel Minister or go to Kathy McDonald at General Council at 1-800-268-3781 x 2063 or

All three policies are available on The United Church of Canada website:


From Bob Fisher:

It seems like a number of charges have not passed on this information to their treasurers. Another reminder in the newsletter might help.

The presbytery allocations were unchanged, the same as last year. No invoices were sent out as the presbytery reps were expected to update their treasurers. The allocations list was handed out at Presbytery with the budget. If there are any questions please have them contact me at mltvrs@GMAIL.COM




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