Website Update

There has been a major update to the Woolastook website. The address has not changed. You can access the site at:

As you can see, the homepage still has the images from the old site. I invite you to take NEW high-resolution photos. Today’s cell phones do an amazing job and give nice big photos. I would like to replace all the photos and having a photo (or two) from each of our congregations would be wonderful. Photos should be of the highest resolution and be clear and bright. Please send your submissions to:

I need the name of the church, the location of the church, the pastoral charge and if possible, the name of the photographer.

The bi-weekly newsletters will now be posted on the website for your reference.

Note that the delegate list links to the Maritime Conference Directory which is not updated by us, for changes, please direct inquiries to the Maritime Conference office.

Under “Find Us” I have listed links to the pastoral charges that have provided links. I can also link to Facebook pages, so let me know if there are any updates there.

The Minutes will take a while to get sorted. They will appear slowly from newest to oldest. If you have need for an older set of minutes, please contact me Nothing has been lost.

I welcome comments, suggestions and corrections. I am not a graphic artist so am using a preset theme that combines ease of use with clear and easy to read format. Content I have full control over, so please focus on what you want to see rather than how it looks.